Strategic Analysis of Business 1


MBA module

Lecturer: Nick Potter

Introduction and Aims

Strategic Management has evolved as a discipline, from the rigid planning into a much more flexible process, more accurately described as strategic thinking. The global world of commerce is becoming more dynamic and complex, requiring managers to formulate and implement strategies based on consistent congruence between the firm and its environment. The module will focus initially on systematic external and internal analysis, and then cover formulation and implementation of corporate and business level strategies. It is designed to be fully integrative.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course all students will be expected to be able to:

  • critically assess the development of strategic thinking;
  • demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of strategy formulation and how it relates to the entire organisation;
  • explain the scope and role of corporate strategy and parenting;
  • generate and critically evaluate a range of strategic options within a model framework.

Module Assessment

This module is assessed by:

  • 2 hour examination (60%)
  • Group presentation and case study project, 2,500 words (40%)