Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Part 2)


Dr Chris Lonsdale   


This module continues a two-part investigation of ‘best practice’ purchasing, contracting, supplier and supply chain management. The investigation started in the last part with an exploration of the different philosophies within the broad subject area. Key questions asked concerned supply chain planning, trust, power, ethics and partnering. The module then applied some of these concepts to various implementation issues. The second part of the module now picks up where the other part left off and discusses further implementation issues. It also discusses the role of procurement within the organisation and brings together all of the learning over the two parts of the module.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Recognise the hazards surrounding the economics of contracting and understand and be able to critique different options for their management;
  • Recognise and use the key elements of negotiation management;
  • Develop a performance management regime for a portfolio of suppliers;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the principles of conflict management;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the issues surrounding the management of the procurement operation;
  • Understand how theory informs practice in this subject area and demonstrate that understanding through the use of a purchasing and supply methodology.


  • Three hour exam (50%)
  • Group Exercise (5%)