Leading and Managing within Organizations

Lecturer: Nick Potter 

Modular value: 10 credits

Assessment: 80% assignment and 20% group presentation

The essence of management is achieving results and it is the management of our institutions in the private and public sectors that will determine the future. Management is a discipline in its own right and managers, both now and in the future, face many challenges from outside and within the organisation. Managing and leading means providing direction, formulating strategy, gaining commitment, helping people to cope with change and then monitoring outcomes. The course will focus initially on the wider role and responsibilities of managers and then examine in more detail, the many factors which have to be considered when planning and managing in an organisation. Case studies and role play are both used to develop student's confidence in their ability to be involved in activities leading to successful management.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Critically assess the reasons for organisational success and failure and understand the need for continuous improvement. 
  • Understand, analyse and critically evaluate the market and competitive environments of organisations and how organisational leaders and the HR function respond to them. 
  • Debate and critically evaluate the characteristics of effective leadership and the methods used to develop leaders in organisations and lead and influence others more effectively. 
  • Critically analyse and evaluate approaches to the formulation and implementation of leadership and management strategies to meet current and future organisational needs 
  • Critically assess the role and value of enlightened corporate social responsibility. 
  • Interpret financial information, manage financial resources and draw realistic and   appropriate conclusions and make recommendations based on costed options 
  • Make sound and justifiable decisions and solve problems more effectively 
  • Design and deliver a presentation based on a proposed business plan.