Country Manager

Introduction and Aims

This module builds on your understanding of basic marketing theory, principles and practice and of the challenges facing the marketer operating in an international environment. During this module you will explore the interface between international marketing and business strategy. This will help you to critically evaluate and gain practical experience of the way in which marketing contributes to the development, implementation and monitoring of organizational strategy and of the impact of changes in the international environment on marketing decisions and performance.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of:

  • developments in the international business environment and trends in the strategies of companies in the context of internationalization and globalization
  • the nature and process of international marketing strategy formulation
  • the boundaries of international marketing strategy that impact decisions and influence the market scope and competitive advantage of a firm
  • the theory, principles and practical challenges of international market selection and entry decisions
  • the issues facing marketers in the allocation and customization of marketing resources when operating in different geographic markets.

and your ability to:

  • apply a disciplined approach to the analysis of international marketing problems and resolution through the selective use of tools for analysis and strategy formulation
  • make selective and critical use of academic material to examine international marketing issues
  • present and communicate information in writing and orally; deliver logical arguments
  • use financial and other quantitative analysis to evaluate current and projected company performance and/or market opportunities
  • use IT for marketing applications and to support information and data retrieval



Group: Market entry and regional development plan, 1200 words (30%)

Group: Presentation: performance review (10%)

Peer Review Peer Review (10%)

Individual: Individual Essay 2000 words (50%)