Global Shift

Module aims and objectives

The aim of the module is to provide students with the theoretical understanding of the relationship between two major themes in International Business: (i) the existence of differences in national business systems; and (ii) the present day character of processes of internationalisation and globalisation of economic and business activities.

A major theme running through the module is the importance of knowledge for the understanding of the development and evolution of national business systems and international business.  

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Compare and contrast theories of the multinational firm and evaluate their relevance in today’s context.
  • Understand the internationalization of manufacturing and service firms. 
  • Discuss and appraise new theoretical approaches to the internationalisation of firm activities based on the development of new forms of firm organisation.
  • Analyse the main contemporary trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) flows and critically analyse and evaluate the role of these investment flows in the economic and social development of nations.
  • Identify and compare and contrast key characteristics of different national business systems applying contemporary institutional theories. 
  • Analyse and evaluate the importance of knowledge in international business 
  • Apply the theoretical concepts developed in the lectures to real world phenomena
  • Research and critically evaluate information
  • Work in teams with students from other countries
  • Communicate complex ideas to others in a clear, concise and interesting way

Module Structure

The module will consist of 10 lectures and 5 seminar sessions over a 10 week period. Students will be expected to read and prepare work for each of the seminar sessions. During seminars you will discuss your work in groups and with the whole class.