International Marketing

Module Description

The aim of the module is to develop students’ knowledge of marketing within an international context. The increasing importance of international exchange and transactions means that many businesses, regardless of size, have to direct their attention to the international market place but this requires a different set of marketing skills than those required for domestic marketing. The international marketer faces numerous challenges including; cultural diversity, complex marketing environments, constant shifts in market requirements, newly emerging markets and difficult marketing mix decisions. The module will explore a range of international marketing topics that will enable students to appreciate the involved and multifaceted nature of cross border marketing decisions and the important role of marketing strategies within international business.

The module will be delivered by a combination of lectures and classes. Students will be expected to contribute to class discussion and tasks where appropriate, some of these will be linked to the module assessment.

Learning outcomes

The module specifically aims to:

  • Provide students with a clear understanding of marketing and international marketing within the context of international business.
  • Bring insight into the theory and application of international marketing management in a diverse global environment.
  • Evaluate the international marketing concept and the challenge presented by globalisation.
  • Explore the importance of understanding cross cultural issues when making international marketing decisions.
  • Critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of alternative market entry strategies.
  • Develop students’ abilities to analyse international marketing opportunities and present suitable international marketing strategies.


  • Assignment – Maximum 1,500 words - (40%)
  • Closed book examination - 3 hours – (60%)