Issues in Management

Module Outline

This module will be an introduction to some of the key problems of managing and leading in modern organisations. It will cover three area of concern but all will address topical issues from a variety of different disciplinary backgrounds.

It is quite obvious that large changes in the availability and speed of access to information has transformed the way in which conduct our lives and this has repercussions for managing and organising within business firms – big and small. But this does not mean that the essential issues about organising work, finances and people have gone away. The problem is how to organise and manage these essential issues in time of continuous change.

The Issues in Management module will be split into 3 sections.

  1. The management of Business Organisations
  2. Managing the Financial Crisis
  3. Managing in Multi-national Organisations.


The assessment of the module will also be in 3 parts

  • 1 hour test/exam in week 6 to count 25%
  • 2,000 word essay to be submitted in December to count 25%
  • 3 hour unseen exam in January to count 50%