International Business Strategy

Credits: 10

This module is delivered in Semester 2.

Module aims and objectives

This module aims to consolidate the theories related to international management, internationalisation and business strategy by applying them to practical cases of major international companies. It is also concerned primarily with the higher, strategic level of management decision making.

International Business Strategy requires the analysis of complex, uncertain and incomplete information and the ability to bound this ambiguity and make, and implement, firm wide judgements. This module, through mix of lectures, class discussions case study presentations provides the opportunity for the participant to develop and practice analysis, thinking, and judgement competencies at an international and strategic level.

This is a core module to be taken by all MSc IB students and will introduce them to the analytical frameworks, models and techniques commonly used in international business for the analysis, formulation and implementation of strategies.

The course will have a strong emphasis on theories and their practical application, and each session of the course will involve workshops focused on group work, Q&A sessions, as well as conventional lectures. Each group will be allocated a company around which their international business strategy analysis will be focused. Groups will make presentations that will be assessed.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the tools and techniques used in the analysis of company performance and strategic positioning.
  • Critically assess how these methods are applied in the re-evaluation and formulation of strategy.
  • Critically evaluate the theories, concepts, models and frameworks related to international business strategies.
  • Critically assess the problems and challenges of developing and implementing international business strategy.
  • Apply all of the above to the strategic study of a major, real-word international company and develop your ability to work in ( case-study) teams and to present collective analysis effectively.


  • Assessment: 70% 2000 word written assignment; 30% 15 minute group presentation