How does it feel to study 100% online? - video transcript

How does it feel to study 100% online?

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0.03 [Text] How does it feel to study online?
0.07 [Text] Recent graduates share their experiences of online study
0.10 [GAYAN SIRIMANNE (GS)] I felt at ease for the first time when I logged in.
0.12 [HELENA FEIBERT (HF)] It was very exciting, and it totally lived up to my expectations.
0.15 [COLIN FAGAN (CF)] It felt very, very good. It was a wonderful experience.
0.20 [Text] What was the best thing about studying online?
0.24 [GS] I could manage my own time, with family responsibilities around it as well.
0.28 [HF] The flexibility allowed me to keep a full-time job, while studying here at the University of Birmingham.
0.34 [Text] How was the academic experience?
0.39 [CF] Getting new ideas, getting new information.0.42 [GS] Enlightening.
0.43 [HF] Demanding and engaging towards me, and I think towards the lecturers.
0.47 [Text] What was the highlight of studying online?
0.50 [CF] The interaction between the various communities and various people across the world.
0.55 [HF] It was how the lecturers and professors utilized all the video material in the online courses.
1.01 [GS] I've worked with quite a lot of other MBA students from across the globe. This gave me the opportunity to make a professional network.
1.10 [Text] How was your life changed since studying online?
1.13 [CF] Well, I really feel better about myself.
1.15 [HF] When I first started at the university, I got a new job at Pandora. And since I finished, I was offered a lead role in my current company. So that is great.
1.26 [Text] What advice would you give to future students studying online?
1.30 [HF] They shouldn't think it's easier just because it's online.
1.32 [CF] You have to recognize that it is a self-discipline.
1.38 [Text] How do you feel about graduating today?
1.41 [HF] It is an excellent feeling that all those year's work have finally panned out.
1.45 [GS] A great sense of achievement.
1.47 [CF] Just excited to be walking and collecting my degree.
1.54 [GS] Basically, I'm over the moon, I would say.
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