International Marketing Strategy Module - Online MSc

Introduction and module objectives

The Advanced International Marketing module aims to build upon the basic foundations laid by the International Marketing module. In particular the module seeks to extend the depth of knowledge about the development of global marketing strategies, and their implementation. On completion of the module students will understand the processes adopted by marketing professionals: analysis, development of global marketing strategies, and critically, the ways in which these strategies are implemented, and refined in response to tactical / short term imperatives.

The general intent of the module is to refine students’ ability to make marketing decisions, and also to do so at a higher level than discussion previously. In particular the module will help students develop their ability to: choose the most effective analytic strategies, assess implementation and managerial implications; and critically evaluate strategic marketing analysis methods with respect to their validity and relevance in a range of global marketplaces. The module will also explore the impact of marketing decisions upon the long-term evolution of markets; and market structures in terms of customers, competitors and market channels.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the module, students should be able to:

  • Define and explain the scope of global marketing strategy.
  • Explain the process and methods for identifying and selecting marketing strategies.
  • Explain key concepts and practical frameworks and techniques for effective strategic market analyses.
  • Be able to develop and present a market-led strategy of sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Be able to develop and apply approaches to address competitor’s actions - both strategic and tactical.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of alternative approaches to manage a firm’s growth, and possible associated diversification strategy.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the practicalities and limitations of global marketing strategy implementation.
  • Explain how marketing strategies and their implementation has an impact on the organisation overall.


Students will

  • Develop their decision-making skills through the process case study, and real-firm analysis.
  • Demonstrate problem formulation skills – developed by identifying problem areas in real organisations’ marketing strategies via independent study and interaction with module colleagues
  • Demonstrate market research and sensing skills – developed through web search exercises, independent study and interaction with module colleagues.

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