International Marketing Module - Online MSc

Introduction and module objectives

The International Marketing module provides a general introduction to the nature of marketing and explains how the marketing function fits within the global organisation overall. The module also looks at how actors outside the core marketing function have a role in, and engage in marketing activity.

The module will show students the broad scope of marketing activity and will establish an understanding of the core concepts underlying the field.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the module, students should be able to:

  • Explain the contribution of marketing in the context of the global competition, instability and dynamism that characterise typical international marketing environments.
  • Apply analytical frameworks, tools, techniques and skills to analyse a broad range of global marketing contexts and scenarios.
  • Understand and apply methodologies for assessing threats and opportunities in the international market environment.
  • Synthesise and adapt theoretical marketing ideas for application in the student’s work context.
  • Understand and critically appraise the approaches to marketing used by those organisations deemed to be “marketing oriented”. In so doing the module will tour topical issues in marketing in a range of for-profit, and non-profit / public sector environments, worldwide.
  • Understand the customer’s decision-making processes as well as the basis of such decision-making.
  • Understand the notion of a “global brand” and the power of branding.
  • Be able to develop a marking plan for a business


Marketing is an applied discipline, so the module will emphasise application and skills development:

Specifically, the module will develop in students the ability to analyse cases and real business contexts, and in so doing to diagnose marketing problems and make recommendations.

The module will also encourage students to customise or synthesise theoretical approaches in order to make them more readily applicable.

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