Bioscience for Graduates from Other Scientific Disciplines

Module Title - Bioscience for Graduates from Other Scientific Disciplines
Number of credits – 10

The module covers the basics of bioscience that are required by engineers to work at the engineering – life science interface.

  • Molecules of life - Structure and function of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids;
  • Cellular structure - Structure and function of components within eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells;
  • Cellular function and activity - Cellular thermodynamics & respiration;
  • Gene expression: Transcription, translation, control of gene expression;
  • DNA organisation & replication, cell cycle, meiosis, mitosis;
  • Cellular signalling and control;
  • Cellular organisation in to tissues and organs, introduction to Anatomy and physiology;
  • Biological systems in engineering – prokaryotic and eukaryotic bioprocesses.