Module Title - Bioseparations
Number of credits – 20

The following topics are covered in the module:

Bioseparations 1

  • Introduction to Downstream Processing (DSP)
  • Developing DSP strategies for rDNA products
  • Cell disruption strategies for intracellular products
  • Aggregation mechanisms and processes
  • Fractional precipitation
  • Centrifugation and industrial centrifuges
  • Conventional filtration and membrane separations
  • Industrial case study (Novo-Nordisk): Manufacture of human growth hormone HGH

Bioseparations 2

  • Introduction to process chromatography
  • Understanding the factors that affect resolution & scale-up in chromatography
  • Adsorption-desorption processes underpinning chromatography
  • Modelling protein adsorption
  • Adiabatic compressibility of proteins
  • The three phase strategies & how to link steps
  • Protein purification – the right step at the right time
  • Chromatographic process development
  • Industrial case study (Millipore): Process optimisation & intensification in scale-up of chromatography
  • Development of chromatographic media
  • New media designs, new separation formats and alternatives to chromatography
  • Convective interactive monolith media
  • Expanded bed adsorption
  • High-gradient magnetic fishing
  • The ideal magnetic support
  • Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction