Energy Storage

Module Title - Energy Storage
Number of credits – 10

This module covers the integration of energy storage solutions within a whole energy system, and a detail of the practical considerations at a local level.

In addition, some of the wider implications for energy storage are explored e.g. Potential of pumped hydro storage in the UK
 - Recycling/re-use of batteries, Hybrid/distributed solutions,
 - EVs – use as stationary storage, storage at charge points
 - Solar + storage in the home

Technologies covered include

  • mechanical energy storage (pumped hydro, CAES, flywheels)
  • thermal energy storage (sensible and latent heat, chemical)
  • power to gas (hydrogen, synthetic natural gas)
  • batteries (lead-acid, lithium, sodium sulphur, metal air)
  • economics and business cases, storage markets
  • environmental issues- grid integration and whole system issues
  • renewable energy system integration
  • network standards