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Module Title - Food Structure for Performance 
Number of credits – 10

Food manufacturers are under constant pressure to provide ‘healthy’ and functional processed foods, while maintaining flavour and desirability.  In order to achieve this, food products need to be understood and specifically designed to tackle problems.  This module will introduce the fundamental structures that make up the majority of modern processed foods, and explore how processing and formulation affects the developed structure and subsequent texture and flavour.

Fundamental information on emulsion science, crystallisation, heat/mass/momentum transfer, and standard measurement techniques will be provided through an online environment and will be needed to form the basis of the main content delivered during contact week.  This core knowledge will then be applied to case studies of current research within the food structure research area. 

As a research led module it will develop student’s understanding of current formulation, processing, characterisation and evaluation methods being employed to develop future food products.