Minerals and Minerals Engineering

Module Title - Minerals and Minerals Engineering 
Number of credits – 10

This course examines minerals and their processing. The course is delivered in three sections:

  1. Minerals fundamentals; including a brief introduction of geology (rock types, time, maps), the crustal distribution of elements, mineralogy, mineral classes (rock forming and industrial), mineral identification and economic & industrial mineral genesis.
  2. Liberation, grade and recovery, with case studies of mineral processing flow sheets to illustrate the basic concepts of separation.
  3. Methods of physical/chemical recovery/separation are included (for example gravity, magnetic, electrostatic, flotation). These processes are demonstrated by a series of case studies (This section covers bio-hydrometallurgy, mineral example extractions and recovery from waste streams including batteries).

Parts 1 and 2 take place on the first day and some aspects further reinforced by a field course on the second day.  This field course is different each year.  For example, a visit to Shropshire to classical geological locations and an old lead mine, or a visit to a preserved coalmine and iron works. As mineral operations within reach of the University are rare now we generally do not visit working mines or quarries. Part 3 takes place on day three and four.