Energy Engineering Design

Module Title - Energy Engineering Design 
Number of credits – 10

Module description

In practice, energy systems are complex and cover a constantly changing relationship between supply and demand of various forms of energy overseen by a regulatory and policy framework that can be affected by both domestic and global political factors.

The syllabus will include analysis of the UK energy mix, transmission and distribution from an industrial/government point of view, with students ultimately expected to design a technology pathway to a specific type of energy system for a small conurbation for near-future implementation of policy and infrastructure (5-10 years).

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Design a detailed technical pathway by which a small conurbation could transition to sustainable energy sources.
  • Describe how local geography, demographics, and legislation can affect the ability of municipalities to adhere to energy-related targets set both by local and national government.
  • Authoritatively and critically discuss their technical solutions as part of oral presentations that could be delivered to (for example) policymakers.
  • Communicate complex ideas concisely and succinctly by means of detailed written reports.

Teaching and assessment:

Assessment: 100% coursework
Reassessment: 100% coursework