Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology

Module Title - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology
Number of credits – 10

Module description

The module will cover the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen technologies and their science:

  • electrochemistry / thermodynamics / energy analysis tools
  • applications of fuel cells and hydrogen
  • hydrogen generation, processing & storage
  • hydrogen as energy storage vector
  • low temperature fuel cells, materials, designs, fuels, and systems
  • high temperature fuel cells, materials, designs, fuels, and systems
  • hydrogen and fuel cell safety issues
  • environmental analysis, market introduction, economy, and policy framework

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Present and criticise the potential, benefits, boundary conditions, and prospects of employing fuel cell and hydrogen technology today and in future markets
  • Describe the Physics, Chemistry and Engineering of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and be able to apply this knowledge to moderately complex problems
  • Be able to choose appropriate technology when faced with a moderately complex engineering design task
  • Communicate information, concepts, problems and solutions to specialists and non-specialists.

Teaching and assessment:

Assessment: study report 50%, exam 50%
Reassessment: 100% exam