Political Economy of Energy and Energy Security

Module Title - Political Economy of Energy and Energy Security
Number of credits – 20

Module description

This module provides critical appreciation of the role of energy and energy security in global political economy and will introduce students to the basic theoretical, historical and geopolitical contours of the political economy of energy today as an essential dimension of contemporary international political economy.

The module consists of two parts: The first part will explore energy and energy security at the international level. The second part will examine how energy resources shape the domestic political economy of energy suppliers.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key features of the role of energy within the broader context of international political economy and different analytical/theoretical frameworks used to understand it.
  • Critically assess debates about the role of energy in the global economy and synthesise academic materials from different sources.
  • Have an ability to place issues and debates surrounding energy and energy security into a wider context of global governance.
  • Demonstrate a through understand of the interconnectivity between the dynamics of national and global energy markets and international geopolitical relationships.

Teaching and assessment:

Assessment: 50% coursework, 50% examination