Research Project

Module Title - Research Project
Number of credits – 60

Module description

This module allows students to study with a research group in the school. Academics will offer a range of projects and students will select from these areas of interest. The projects will focus on experimental, modelling, non-laboratory research (e.g. policy, economics, etc) or a combination of these areas and expose students to the cutting edge of the research done in the school. The exact nature of the research project topic will vary, but the learning outcomes below encapsulate the key skills gained during the project.

You will complete your research projects with one of our research groups and although you will be encouraged to develop independent research skills you will be closely supported by an academic member of staff and other researchers. Each research project will be designed to consolidate learning from the taught modules and to provide an exciting and intensive research experience.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Critically evaluate the current literature in the area of their research project;
  • Apply this knowledge in an original way to plan their own independent research project;
  • Evaluate and select techniques applicable to their research project.
  • Design and perform experiments, analyse their data, and/or plan and execute critical analysis in the context of the area of research
  • Present their research to a scientifically-literate but non-specialised audience
  • Write a project report

Teaching and assessment:

Assessment: 60% written report, 20% supervisor assessment and 20% oral presentation.