Advanced planning and financial management

Module Title - Advanced planning and financial management
Number of credits – 20

Module description

This module looks to extend planning and financial management techniques. This will include reviewing and challenging the business cases, generating robust connections between business objectives, project objectives and scope, use of value improvement and operational excellence methods.

The financial management will cover topics such as accounting procedure, decision support, depreciation and asset management.

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to challenge a business case to enhance the project, considering economic and geographical factors;
  • Use structured methods to ensure project benefits, objectives and scope are fully aligned with project business objectives;
  • Evaluate risk associated with business cases and devise project structure solutions to minimise risk;
  • Understand financial and non-financial evaluation methodologies for project business cases;
  • Apply advanced lean manufacturing methodologies to project scope definition and development;
  • Apply value improvement practices to the design of project solutions, linking to project objectives;
  • Promote the value of increasing planning on the final project outcome.

Teaching and assessment:

Assessment: 100% Coursework
Semester 2