Planning and control

Module Title - Planning and control
Number of credits – 20

Module description

This module introduces the ideas behind planning of industrial projects. This comprises an overview of all aspects of project management with particular focus on risk management sponsorship, project organisation, scope definition and critical path analysis. This module also introduces the concepts required to control a project.

This includes topics such as: scope, cost and schedule control. In addition, the implementation of a project is considered through topics like: recruitment, procurement, safety, handover and project closure.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Describe the process of planning and reflect on the benefits.
  • List the challenges of individual project stages and relate these challenges to the planning process.
  • Explain a risk management process and describe the links to project strategy.
  • Define common project roles and be able to discuss the importance of these roles in the project lifecycle.
  • Demonstrate use of scope definition methods for increasing robustness of selected solutions and clarification of project direction.
  • Define a project baseline and argue the importance of having a defined baseline prior to commencing implementation.
  • Design a baseline for project control, covering scope, delivery method, cost estimates and schedule.
  • List key activities in project control (scope, cost and schedule) and devise control structure for a project.
  • Apply basic project controls to manage costs, schedule, scope, quality and change.

Teaching and assessment:

Assessment: 100% Coursework (Assessed tutorial questions 50% - Coursework assignment 50%)
Semester 2