Applications of Railway Control Systems

Module Title - Applications of Railway Control Systems
Number of credits - 20

Module description 

Students will undertake a module-project to apply railway signalling and control systems relevant to a selected jurisdiction e.g. the UK, Europe or the student’s home country. Students will design or work with an existing design, as appropriate to the setting, of a railway signalling and control system.

Typical activities will include performing relevant calculations, reflecting on the impact of systems engineering, and applying problem-solving tools and techniques. All projects will include elements of Health & Safety, reliability, availability, maintainability, environmental matters and cost-effectiveness.

Students will complete an inception report within the first 3 weeks which outlines their overall project focus. An interim report half-way through the project will provide structure to the final report and allows for supervision feedback to be formalised.

Projects will be sought from Industrial supporters of the study programme to bring additional relevance to real-world issues. Students studying on part-time and distance-learning modes will be expected to complete this module in the workplace. Full-time students will undertake the module after having completed Principles of Railway Control Systems, and in conjunction with industrial supporters.