Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Systems Interactions

Module Title - Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Systems Interactions
Number of credits - 10

Module description 

The infrastructure portion of this module is designed to give students an in-depth technical knowledge of the rolling stock and infrastructure systems and an understanding of how to design and maintain them in order to minimise risk and maximise safety.

Railway alignment design, gauging, and maintenance issues are discussed in detail, as are issues relating to the rolling contact behaviour of the wheel-rail interface and to rail vehicle dynamics, including the steering of wheelsets.

Aerodynamics, body-shell design and crashworthiness issues, choice of materials, vehicle maintenance, and the design and behaviour suspensions are covered in some detail. Also addressed are the topics of station design, station systems and infrastructure power supply components.

The module is managed by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Birmingham, with inputs and guest speakers from the railway industry.