Business and People Management 

Module Title - Business and People Management 
Number of credits - 20

Module description 

This module is intended to ensure students have sufficient understanding of business basics to enable them to work effectively at a senior management level within a business / railway business.

The module covers the range of topics that would typically be addressed in a Master of Business Administration, but angled towards the needs and specifics of the rail industry.  It gives students a grounding in topics such as basic economics, business strategy, investment appraisal, financial reporting, project management and governance, organisational culture and ethics, process and quality control, technology management, asset management and marketing. 

Railway specific topics include an understanding of how the UK rail industry is structured and funded on the grounds that the UK has one of the most complicated arrangements of any rail system world-wide.  It also includes an introduction to understanding human behaviour, specifically angled towards the skills needed to manage staff in an effective manner.

The module is delivered through a series of lectures, reinforced by a small group team exercise based on a realistic business scenario, and an assignment that requires students to further develop and expand their appreciation and understanding.  The lectures are delivered by University staff, supported by a high proportion of guest lecturers from industry (both rail and non-rail).