Fundamentals Data Structures module

Module Title - Fundamentals Data Structures
Number of credits – 10

Module description 

The module will explore fundamental data structures and associated algorithms, and their representation in high-level programming languages. The module is particularly suitable for MSc students who have little previous background in Computer Science.

The aims of this module are to:

  • Give an overview of fundamental data structures and algorithms.
  • Explain the relative strengths and limitations of the fundamental data structures

On successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Understand and distinguish between a range of abstract data types and their underlying representation
  • Appreciate the difference between basic complexity classes of algorithms
  • Assess and select the most appropriate abstract data types in solving a range of problems

Teaching and assessment:

Sessional: 1.5 hour examination (80%), continuous assessment (20%). 
Supplementary (where allowed): 1.5 hour examination (100%)
Semester 2
Contact hours - 24