Topics in Development Economics

Module Lead: Jayasri Dutta

Credits: 20

Introduction and module objectives

Development economics is distinctive in its method of analysis rather than in its predictions. This module will develop methods of rigorous economic analysis that may be applied to problems particular to developing economies. Topics will include: (1) economics of growth and applications to developing countries; (2) education, human capital and endogenous growth; (3) institutions and policies for development; (4) inequality and development; (5) history, expectations and development; (6) labour markets, migration, urbanisation and city growth; (7) globalisation and economic development.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of recent developments in advanced economic theory relating to developing economies;
  • Use the tools of advanced economic theory to analyse problems particular to developing countries;
  • Appraise and synthesise the relevant literature, explaining how theories have been tested and the results obtained.


  • 2,000 word essay (20%)
  • Three hour written unseen examination (80%)