Curriculum and Approaches for Children with Autism

Campus Codes

Level H: 21414 
Level M: 21402 

20 credits

Distance Education Codes

Level H: 11470 
Level M: 05505 

This module aims to develop awareness of educational interventions for children on the autism spectrum and to explore how decisions might be made as to which to use. Issues in conducting evaluations of the effectiveness of interventions will be examined together with the current research evidence on some of the most frequently used interventions. It is intended for practitioners who have completed the first module in autism 'Special Educational Needs of Children with Autism' and who are practitioners or parents (eg teachers, psychologists, speech and language therapists, social workers, occupational therapists or nurses), working with children with on the autism spectrum, in whatever setting. Study time will vary from one student to another but it is designed to take 200 hours of student time, including tutorials, reading and work on the assignments.


  • To give students ways of assessing, evaluating and recording children’s skills and behaviour and evaluating practice
  • To critically examine a variety of educational approaches in relation to children on the autism spectrum
  • To examine ways of developing language, communication, and social and emotional understanding in children on the autism spectrum
  • To examine some of the problems and possibilities in the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The distance education module comprises of 6 Units:

  1. Educational approaches for children on the autism spectrum
  2. Assessment, Evaluation and Recording
  3. Providing a Broad and Relevant Curriculum
  4. Parent Partnership: Supporting the parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum
  5. Preparing for adulthood: Curriculum for Life
  6. Technology Enhanced Learning


In order to demonstrate their learning in this module students select an assignment from a range of titles reflecting the content of the module or you may negotiate a title with the University tutor.

Level H: Essay Length: 3,000 words

Level M : Essay Length: 4,000 words