Dyslexia, Language and Literacies in Development

Module Code: 29264

Value: 20 credits

This module will engage students in understanding and critically appraising current literature in language and literacy skills/ practices concerning:

  • typical development through childhood, adolescence and young adulthood,
  • their inter-relationship and relationship with the main components of development, in the context of the whole child/person how these relate to dyslexic type/literacy difficulties;
  • developmental difficulties in these specific areas and in relation to other aspects of development;
  • the characteristics of literacy difficulties, dyslexia and related specific learning difficulties in development;
  • its relevance for teaching and learning practices;
  • and its relevance in current social contexts, e.g. monolingual and multilingual and FL/SL/AL settings in families and schools; digital literacy skills and practices.

Key questions concerning continuity, change, and individual differences will be regularly re-visited from different perspectives.  


A written assignment of 4,000 words

Module Lead

Dr Maria Reraki