Education Observation, Evaluation and Supervision

Value: 20 credits

This module aims to help you to get to know how the English education system works in practice.* Some of the module sessions will involve visiting schools/colleges or other educational institutions. These visits are designed to encourage you to reflect on day-to-day educational realities, how these compare with political and policy rhetoric about education, and how they compare with your own personal and professional experiences of education.

The module also encourages you to discuss the educational visits with other course participants, and, with your course tutors, to critically appraise your observations and experiences.

In addition to visits and seminar discussions, members of the course team will present lectures and seminars on key aspects of education. Some of these will focus on issues that are specific to developments in education in England, but international perspectives and opportunities for comparison will be kept to the fore at all times.

Assessment: 4,000 words, excluding references and appendices.

* We refer to England here because education policy and practice in the United Kingdom (UK) is devolved. This means that policy and practice in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can be very different to that found in England.

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