Education, Policy & Social Justice

Module 29740

This module explores the landscape of education policy nationally and internationally, examining and how and why policies gain or lose prominence at particular moments.  Drawing on the foundation disciplines history, philosophy and sociology, we will critically interrogate the contested role and purpose of education in the 21st Century. We will analyze who is engaged in this contest for influence, which social and economic challenges are made prominent and which are not and, consider how education priorities differ within different international contexts.

We will adopt an intersectional framework throughout, as we explore central themes of power, equity and social justice. These issues are explored through the following themes: 

  • Understanding Educational Priorities: Critiques, Concerns & Contestations 
  • Professional Identities, Educational Subjects, Parental Resistance 
  • The Future of Education: case for optimism or cause for concern?

Value: 20 credits

Assignment: One 3,000 word assessment (75%) plus two page brochure or report (25%)