Foreign Languages in Education: Communicative Language Teaching, Syllabus Design and Assessment

Module code 05492

Value: 20 credits

This module will present the theoretical background to communicative language teaching and learning and investigates practical issues of current concern in teaching and testing. Topics include communicative competence, relationship of L1 to L2; teaching in the L2; socio-cultural studies; influence of discourse analysis; national curriculum, syllabus types and syllabus design; grammar, accuracy and error; uses of the visual; listening, reading, writing and authentic materials; and communicative assessment in the four skills. The theoretical issues will lead to work on practical examples taken from the particular languages which you teach. The practical classroom constraints will receive particular attention.

This module will encourage you to:

  • Critically engage with the theory and practice of communicative approaches to the learning and teaching of language
  • Evaluate CLT possibilities in a variety of cultures and teaching and learning contexts
  • Critically evaluate different syllabus documents, teaching materials and activities and consider issues of assessment and evaluation
  • Understand the role of teacher reflection and action research in the development of appropriate language teaching methodology


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