Identification and Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)/Dyslexia

Module Code: 25726
Module Code: 29708 (AMBDA enhanced)

Value: 20 credits

This module will cover identification, diagnosis and assessment in relation to literacy difficulties/SpLD/dyslexia
(For convenience, the term ‘literacy difficulties’ will be taken to include SpLD/dyslexia.)

You will gain knowledge and a range of screening, diagnostic and assessment instruments and three assessment paradigms will be covered: norm referenced, criterion referenced and dynamic assessment.

The role of the learning environment and the role/function of instruction will also be considered in relation to literacy difficulties. The particular contextual issues for 14-19 and adult learners will be considered.

The module will also examine the role played by self confidence and academic self esteem, in relation to their impact on assessment and their importance in obtaining a holistic picture of a learner’s literacy difficulties. This element will include assessment of self esteem.   


A written assignment of 4,000 words (100%) and a professional practice portfolio. 

An additional professional practice portfolio will be required for the students taking the AMBDA route (Code 29708).

Module Lead

Dr Maria Reraki