Research methods in Education

The Research Methods in Education module will help you develop knowledge and skills in research methods to enable you to plan, design and carry out your research project and prepare you for your dissertation.

By the end of this module it is expected that you will be able to demonstrate understanding of the processes involved in designing, planning and carrying out small-scale research by writing a 4000 word proposal of your research project for your dissertation in which you will be able to:

  • Clearly describe the topic and purpose of your research;
  • Formulate a research question(s) that can be answered through small-scale research;
  • Identify relevant research and/or theoretical literature to review;
  • Construct a research design that will enable you to answer your research question(s);
  • Justify your selection of research approach and methods of data collection and analysis with reference to research methods literature;
  • Anticipate practical and ethical issues that might be encountered in your research project, explaining how these might be addressed.


4,000 word research proposal (100%)