Special Educational Needs and Disabilities: Evaluating Practice

Module:  11 26295

Value: 20 credits

This module is primarily concerned with developing your understanding of how to evaluate the quality of related aspects of education and life for children with SEND such as policy, curriculum, organisational structures, and programme effectiveness. You will be supported to identify aspects upon which to reflect upon current and relevant developments in theory and practice.  Specific topics for reflection will be identified related to current educational / SEND issues and will these will change from year to year, but, a current example would be to consider and critically analyse how educational settings are currently reflecting on their SEND provision in the light of the current governmental direction and changes.

This module is also concerned with developing your understanding and critical appraisal of current literature related to evaluating practices, programme evaluation, and policy analysis; and underlying theory and concepts.  It is intended that you will consider principles and practicalities related to policies, research, and provision that will improve standards for children with SEND.


  • 4,000 word assignment (50%)
  • Class participation in discussion and activities (10%)
  • Weekly reflection papers (20%)
  • Group project/presentation (20%)


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