Understanding School Improvement

Module code: 11 23963

Value: 20 credits

Schooling is about much more than attainment. It affects students’ sense of where they fit into society and the role they have in shaping its future. It affects their capacity for learning and the way they think about themselves as learners. It affects their aspirations towards work and education. So how does leadership, the organisation of schooling and the conduct of teaching affect each these outcomes? An improving school must be improving students’ learning. So how do changes in leadership and organisation affect the way that students approach their learning and how can leaders best support improvements in teaching? What is the evidence to show that one way of teaching or one method of organising teaching is better than another? How do different theories of learning help us to understand the effects of different ways of teaching and to identify what is critical in a way of teaching and what is not?


One 1,500 word assignment (40%); and one 2,500 word assignment (60%).


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