Understanding School Improvement

This module will provide you with a critical and practical understanding of school effectiveness and improvement, and evidence-informed practice in education.

It will enable you to judge the extent to which claims for preferring one approach to another can currently be justified by available evidence whilst also providing a basis for developing your own practise and supporting the development of others. The module review effects of teaching on a range of outcomes including attainment, inclusion and aspirations. 

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Critically analyse school and classroom effects on a range of outcomes;
  • Critically evaluate the use of school, teacher and pupil performance monitoring systems;
  • Evaluate the significance for professional practice of theories of cognitive and affective change in schools;
  • Critically review processes for teachers' and students' selfreview


You will complete two assignments.

A 1,500 word evaluation (40%) and a 2,500 word review (60%)