School Direct Lead Schools

The University of Birmingham is working with the following lead schools to recruit and train teachers on programmes starting in September 2020 on the School Direct route. 

Chadsgrove School and Sports College, B61 0JL

  • Primary School Direct SEN, PGCE. 
  • Primary School Direct SEN, PGCE (Salaried) 


School-based training days are typically held at Chadsgrove School. 

Our special school placements are offered in:

Partnership ethos 

We aim to equip teachers of the future with exemplary skills to meet the needs of learners with Special Educational Needs, through providing the highest quality of training experiences to nurture excellent practitioners. 

What makes our School Direct partnership special? 

We offer an exceptional opportunity to qualify as a Primary Teacher, with the additional enhanced skills to meet the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. We have a strong partnership of special schools offering a range of provision for SEND. 

Why train with our School Direct Partnership? 

  • All trainees completing our programme have found employment as teachers
  • Unique opportunities to train alongside teachers with specialist skills and knowledge
  • All trainees have attained grade 1 or 2 at the end of their course
  • Working within vibrant schools with supportive colleagues
  • Access to professional development sessions with nationally respected practitioners 

Support for students during training 

You will be supported in each placement by a class teacher, and be mentored by experienced and enthusiastic practitioners who will provide the highest quality support whilst challenging you to become a confident and truly effective classroom teacher. In addition, a lead mentor from Chadsgrove will visit you during each placement. You will not be expected to teach classes unsupported until you and the school know that you are ready to. 

Working with the University of Birmingham 

We have a long standing relationship with the School of Education at the University through a range of professional groups and committees. We have been delivering School Direct as a Lead School since 2014, having collaborated in designing the course structure, and we continue to work closely with our University colleagues to monitor and refine the course design. 

Contact Details 

School Direct Primary with SEND Programme Coordinator:  Iain Chatwin

Telephone: 01527 871321

Elston Hall and St Bartholomew’s National Teaching School Alliance, WV10 6NN

  • Primary School Direct, PGCE (UCAS 39KP)
  • Primary School Direct, PGCE (Salaried)


Dawn Cooper

Endeavor Teaching School Alliance (Moor Green Academy, B13 8QP)

Primary School Direct, PGCE (UCAS E755)

Moor Green Primary Academy

Moor Green Lane,
Moseley, Birmingham
B13 8QP
Telephone: 0121 464 5662. 


Greet Teaching School Alliance, (Greet Primary School, B11 3ND)

  • Primary School Direct, PGCE (UCAS 2BRQ)
  • Primary School Direct, PGCE (Salaried) (UCAS 2BRR)

Location of partnership schools

The Greet Teaching School Alliance is an Alliance of over 40 Primary Schools, based in the inner-city of Birmingham. 

Our partner schools for School Direct include: Arden Primary School, Benson Community School, Brookfields Primary School, Clifton Primary School, Conway Primary School, Greet Primary School, Nelson Mandela School, St John's CE Primary School, Starbank  School, Acocks Green Primary School, Alston Primary School, English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Hillstone Primary School, Hodge Hill Primary School, Ladypool Primary School, Leigh Primary School, Nansen Primary School, Park Hill Primary School, Regents Park Community Primary School, Robin Hood Academy, St. George's CE Primary School, Somerville Primary School, Story Wood School, Ward End Primary School, Welford Primary School and Wyndcliffe Primary School.

Final decisions on Home School placements will be made through negotiation with successful candidates and schools offering training placements.

Partnership ethos

Greet Teaching School Alliance was Birmingham’s first primary teaching school, designated in September 2011 as part of the first national cohort of just 35 primary schools. Our designation has a clear focus on the support and development of schools in inner city Birmingham, driven by our strong moral purpose.

We are all committed to the best possible achievement for our children and staff and we set expectations high so that community aspirations can be raised.  We promote professional development and leadership over the long term with a view to building sustainable career opportunities for teachers and other staff, from initial teacher training through to the highest levels of leadership.

What makes our School Direct partnership special? 

We offer a bespoke School Direct PGCE teacher training programme, continually developed and refined in response to feedback from previous cohorts. Our trainees benefit from a high quality programme of support and training, designed to equip them with the skills, knowledge and practice to become excellent teachers in our schools.  We view the School Direct training year as the start of a career within the Greet Teaching School Alliance. The schools in our partnership share the same ethos, so our Alliance Headteachers and school staff are committed to investing considerable time and support to ensure that the programme gives our trainees the best possible grounding and start to their career in primary teaching.

Why train with our School Direct Partnership? 

  • As a partnership, we have considerable experience with School Direct, having been involved with the programme since it was first introduced.
  • We offer a programme of high quality training, delivered by expert practitioners from good and outstanding schools across the Teaching School Alliance.  Feedback and Evaluations from all training sessions are consistently positive, highlighting not only how useful and engaging the training is, but also the knowledge and approachableness of the presenters.
  • Excellent employment rates, with the majority of trainees employed in Alliance partnership schools.
  • As a Teaching School Alliance, we see the School Direct year as the start of your successful career with us. NQTs in Alliance Schools benefit from our high quality, year-long NQT Induction Programme.  We also offer a range of professional development opportunities for staff at different stages of their career and all levels of leadership. 

Support for students during training 

Throughout the training year, our trainees are formally supported in school by a designated class teacher and school-based tutor, as well as their University partnership tutor.  They also have access to a strong network of support within their Home and Development Schools, from the University and across the Teaching School Alliance.

Trainees having a discussion in Greets SchoolWorking with the University of Birmingham 

Many of our schools have worked to train teachers with the University of Birmingham for a number of years, and we are very pleased to now be working together on the School Direct programme.  We have established good relationships and strong communication with University colleagues and will work collaboratively over the year to ensure that our School Direct programme is as effective as possible in meeting our trainees’ needs.

Contact Details 

Shirley Queenan, Teaching School Manager:; tel: 0121 303 1587.

Hales Valley Teaching Hub (Lutley Primary School, B63 1BU)

  • Primary School Direct, PGCE (UCAS 2C3Q)
  • General Primary with Early Year specialism, PGCE (UCAS 2PXB)

Our school based training days are typically based at Hales Valley Teaching Hub C/O Lutley Primary School. 

Partnership Schools

Partnership’s ethos

We have a passion for high quality teacher training based in practice through collaboration, support and excellence. 

What makes our School Direct Partnership special?

Schools in the partnership all have the same ethos and work hard to provide trainees with the very best experiences and opportunities to develop. 

Why train to teach in our School Direct partnership?

  • 100% employment rate over the last 4 years.
  • 2017 – 2018 67% of our trainees were employed in our partnership schools.
  • High level of support and communication for our trainees.
  • High quality of teaching and learning across the partnership for trainees to learn from and access.
  • We train you, we gain you, we sustain you with a robust NQT and RQT programme providing continuous professional development throughout your first few years of teaching. 

How does our School Direct partnership support students as they train?

We place you with good to outstanding teachers within our experienced partnership school. You have a supported by a strong network of highly skills practitioners who are in regular contact with you and your school. Hales Valley Mentors support you throughout all your school placements. We provide you with high quality training sessions and school experience enabling you to become a highly effective primary school teacher.   

How does the School Direct partnership work with the University of Birmingham?

Having worked with Birmingham University since 2014, we have established highly effective relationships and our proud of the outstanding levels of communication we maintain with University staff. We work collaboratively with the University throughout the year to ensure the school direct course content is appropriate for each changing cohort. 

Children in Hales Valley Teaching School

Contact details

Assistant Headteacher for Initial Teacher Training – Hannah Pickles


Hales Valley Teaching Hub
C/O Lutley Primary School
Brookwillow Road
West Midlands

Tel: 01384 818220

Lordswood Girls' School, B17 8QB

Secondary School Direct, PGDipEd

  • Biology (UCAS 3C8D)
  • Chemistry (UCAS 3C8B)
  • English (UCAS 3C89)
  • Geography (UCAS 3C88)
  • History (UCAS 3C87)
  • Mathematics (UCAS 3C86)
  • Modern Languages - French (UCAS 3C8Z)
  • Physics (UCAS 3C85)
  • Religious Education (UCAS 3BX4)

Charis Hart

Manor Teaching School, WV14 9UQ

  • Child in Manor Primary SchoolPrimary School Direct, PGCE (UCAS 35V2)
  • Primary School Direct, PGCE (Salaried) (UCAS 3F98)

Partnership Schools

Our schools will be carefully selected from our wider partnership within the Wolverhampton and Black Country region. 

What is you SD partnership’s ethos?

Our vision is to share and develop a culture of excellent practice to create a positive impact on every child’s life chances and we do this by providing high quality professional development for schools.  We aim to work in a collaborative partnership whose members are committed to ensure outstanding learning for all. 

What makes your SD partnership special?

As a Teaching School we have a proven track record of training the next generation of teachers with 100% of   students completing their PGCE with us over the past 3 years gaining employment at the end of their programme. 100% of our trainees are still in teaching. 

Why train to teach in your SD partnership?

Manor Teaching School has an excellent track record of working with other schools to train the next generation of outstanding teachers.  We are all totally committed to delivering on this National priority area.  We offer:

  • A strong, well established partnership
  • A successful track record
  • An employment record well above the national success rate
  • In partnership with The University of Birmingham – an outstanding provider for ITT
  • Opportunities for varied placements in great schools
  • A wide range of experts to provide practical help and support 

Trainee working in Manor Primary SchoolHow does your SD partnership support students as they train?

Working alongside the very best teachers trainees will receive practical training sessions helping them to understand what good and outstanding teaching looks like.  The highly talented team at University of Birmingham will also lead sessions to support academic development.  This creates a blend – the very best of school working alongside the very best of University. 

How does the SD partnership work with the University of Birmingham?

Manor works in partnership to train students taking a range of routes into teaching. We provide best practice visits for ICT and mathematics. We have worked collaboratively to create the school direct programme. We are proud of our long standing partnership and have recruited to our board of directors a member of the University's primary team. 

Contact details

Anita Cliff

Our Lady and St Hubert’s Catholic Primary School, B68 0LP

Primary School Direct, PGCE (UCAS 2P52)

Partnership schools

Abbey Federation Infant and Junior School

Causeway Green Primary School

Hargate Primary School

Our Lady and St Kenelm’s Catholic Primary School

Crown Meadow School

Partnership ethos

Train to teach with the SHAPE Teaching School Alliance – Shape and inspire young minds and spirits

What makes our partnership special?

Strong links with university of Birmingham, commitment to lifelong learning, collaboration to ensure the next generation of teachers is the best

Why train to teach in our partnership?

Excellent support and provision to meet the individual needs of our trainees. Opportunity to teach and train in new and successful initiatives.

How does your partnership support students as they train?

Experienced mentor designated to each trainee throughout the year. Tailor made programme of training to support and enhance university provision

How does the SD partnership work with the University of Birmingham?

Lead mentor is also lecturer at UoB,  NQTs employed by partnership schools, Lead School contributes to the design and delivery of the programmes, UoB Doctorate students/graduates working in partnership schools

Contact Details

Michelle Crawford (
School Direct Lead
Our Lady and St Hubert’s Primary School
Moat Road
West Midlands
B68 8ED      

Tel: 0121 422 2629

St Pauls School for Girls, B16 9SL

Primary School Direct, PGDipEd (UCAS E616)

Secondary School Direct, PGDipEd

  • Biology (UCAS 3CWZ)
  • Chemistry (UCAS 3CWY)
  • English (UCAS 3CWX)
  • Geography (UCAS 3CWW)
  • History (UCAS 3CX2)
  • Mathematics (UCAS 3CX4)
  • Modern Languages - French (UCAS E818)
  • Modern Languages - Spanish (UCAS E223)
  • Physics (UCAS 3CX5)
  • Religious Education (UCAS AT22)


Mary Atterbury

Victoria Academies Trust, B66 3HH

Primary School Direct, PGDipEd (UCAS AH05)

Victoria Academies Trust has a range of schools across the Midlands to suit the candidate's location where possible:

  • Victoria Park Primary Academy (Smethwick)
  • Devonshire Infant Academy (Smethwick)
  • Devonshire Junior Academy (Smethwick)
  • Northfield Manor Primary Academy (Northfield)
  • Fibbersley Park Academy (Willenhall)
  • Foley Park Primary Academy (Kidderminster)
  • Birchen Coppice Primary Academy (Kidderminster)
  • Rowley Park Primary Academy (Stafford)
  • Poppyfield Primary Academy (Cannock)

Contact details

Windsor Academy Trust, B63 3HY

Primary School Direct, PGDipEd (UCAS 3DK4)

Secondary School Direct, PGDipEd

  • Biology (UCAS 3DKD)
  • Chemistry (UCAS 3DKF)
  • English (UCAS 3DK8)
  • Geography (UCAS 3DKL)
  • History (UCAS 3DKN)
  • Mathematics (UCAS 3DKB)
  • Modern Languages (UCAS 3DKJ)
  • Physics (UCAS 3DKH)


Alison Halford 

Wood Green ITT Alliance (Wood Green Academy), WS10 9QU


  • Biology, PGDipEd (UCAS N454)
  • Geography, PGDipEd (UCAS W931)
  • History, PGDipEd (UCAS J237)
  • Mathematics, PGDipEd (UCAS Y259)

This is a School Direct PGDipEd Initial Teacher Training course which is run by the Wood Green ITT Alliance in partnership with the University of Birmingham and Queen Mary's Grammar School. Our School Direct route allows you to apply directly for your preferred training schools; for this particular course the schools are Wood Green Academy and Queen Mary's Grammar School.

This year long, full-time course will train you to teach secondary school pupils aged 11-18. (120 days in school; 50 days approx at university). The course is split into two placement phases. Placement 1 - 9 weeks and placement 2 - 16 weeks.

You will be trained as a subject specialist in a specific curriculum area but an essential part of the course is a whole school issues programme which addresses such aspects as Special Educational Needs, behaviour management, working with pupils who have English as an Additional Language and of course, the professional standards that trainees must meet in order to gain QTS. This programme has been developed to include a mixture of university and school-based sessions, delivered by both academic tutors and practising teaching staff.

This is a demanding course during which you will be required to produced highly academic essays and research projects for the University of Birmingham alongside your teaching practice. However, our Alliance is committed to providing you with all the support you need from both your school-based and university mentors. Your progress and well-being will be at the heart of everything we do. Supportive target setting and action planning at regular intervals will keep you on track to achieving an outstanding outcome. You will also take part in an extensive whole school CPD programme and be encouraged to reflect upon your own professional learning needs. So, if you are enthusiastic and have a personal commitment to teaching, you will not find a better place to begin your career.

Our 2018-19 cohort of School Direct trainees all qualified and gained QTS with good or outstanding grades. All of those who wanted to start their NQT year straight away found employment. 


Mrs Sylvaine Valmalette-Wright (Assistant Headteacher)

Miss Rachel Johnson (Wood Green ITT Alliance administrator)

Woodrush Teaching School Alliance, B47 5JW

School Direct Primary, PGCE (UCAS 2JZF)

Location of partnership schools

We have a range of schools across the Midlands to suit the candidate's location, from North to South Birmingham to Stourbridge to Worcester. We try to place you at a local school where possible with your main placement being within 30 minutes by car. Placements will be discussed at interview.  

Beaconside Primary and Nursery School
Hazel Road, Rubery, Birmingham, B45 9DX

Fairfield First School
Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Bromsgrove, B61 9LZ

Hollywood Primary School
Pickenham Road, Hollywood, Birmingham, B14 4TG

Holywell Primary and Nursery School
School Road, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9EY

Lickey Hills Primary School
Old Birmingham Road, Lickey, Worcestershire, B45 8EU

Meadow Green Primary School
Meadow Road, Wythall, B47 6EQ

St Andrews First School
Hewell Road, Barnt Green, Birmingham, B45 8NG

The Coppice Primary School
Shawhurst Lane, Wythall, B47 5JN

What is your School Direct partnership ethos?

Fostering excellence through teacher training and lifelong learning for all staff within our schools.

This is the start of the pupil’s journey in education, could it also be the start of yours.

What makes your School Direct partnership special?

We pride ourselves in offering a very personalised and welcoming service. From the start with; support with your application, finding school experience and tuition with the skills tests if required. Throughout your training year you will be part of our family of schools, seeing familiar faces throughout. Our mentors are highly committed and love what they do. Come and join the Woodrush TSA family! 

How does your School Direct partnership support students as they train?

Every trainee will have a dedicated and committed school-based mentor who is not only a skilled practioner but will meet with you weekly to check progress and help you set targets. You will also have a Lead mentor who will be a familiar face from interview to the day you pass your training year! 

How does the School Direct partnership work with the University of Birmingham 

We have a long standing relationship with UoB, training teachers with them for over 25 years. Many of our staff trained there including our ITT lead practioner Sam Bullivant and our Headteacher Natasha Rancins. We have staff who have completed the MA with UoB and both our ITT Lead and HT are part of the university's steering committee and HT strategy groups. 

Contact details

Samantha Bullivant