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Our schools will be carefully selected from our wider partnership within the Wolverhampton and Black Country region. 

What is you SD partnership’s ethos?

Our vision is to share and develop a culture of excellent practice to create a positive impact on every child’s life chances and we do this by providing high quality professional development for schools.  We aim to work in a collaborative partnership whose members are committed to ensure outstanding learning for all. 

What makes your SD partnership special?

As a Teaching School we have a proven track record of training the next generation of teachers with 100% of   students completing their PGCE with us over the past 3 years gaining employment at the end of their programme. 100% of our trainees are still in teaching. 

Why train to teach in your SD partnership?

Manor Teaching School has an excellent track record of working with other schools to train the next generation of outstanding teachers.  We are all totally committed to delivering on this National priority area.  We offer:

  • A strong, well established partnership
  • A successful track record
  • An employment record well above the national success rate
  • In partnership with The University of Birmingham – an outstanding provider for ITT
  • Opportunities for varied placements in great schools
  • A wide range of experts to provide practical help and support 

manor2How does your SD partnership support students as they train?

Working alongside the very best teachers trainees will receive practical training sessions helping them to understand what good and outstanding teaching looks like.  The highly talented team at University of Birmingham will also lead sessions to support academic development.  This creates a blend – the very best of school working alongside the very best of University. 

How does the SD partnership work with the University of Birmingham?

Manor works in partnership to train students taking a range of routes into teaching. We provide best practice visits for ICT and mathematics. We have worked collaboratively to create the school direct programme. We are proud of our long standing partnership and have recruited to our board of directors a member of the University's primary team. 

Contact details

Anita Cliff

School Direct, University of Birmingham