Renewable Energy Systems Integration

Module Title - Renewable Energy Systems Integration
Number of credits – 20

Module description

The module covers energy storage, distributed generation including Wind, PV, and CHP, micro grid planning and operation, integration of distributed generation into power distribution networks, and economical aspects of distributed generation and micro grids.

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Explain principles of renewable energy systems, energy storage solutions, and integration challenges, and distributed energy business
  • Calculate and size wind, PV, and CHP systems and energy storage solutions applied in power systems
  • Perform calculations and engineering judgements for designing wind and PV based micro grids
  • Calculate/ assess economic aspects of distributed generation and micro grids
  • Calculate costs of electricity with renewable energy systems and Micro Grids

Teaching and assessment:


  • 3 hour exam paper to answer 4 questions (75%)
  • 5000 word assignment covering design calculations, computer simulations, and critical analysis of a Micro Grid. (25%)