Financial Engineering MSc Project

Module Title - Financial Engineering MSc Project
Number of credits - 60

Module description

The dissertation in Financial Engineering is made of two equally weighted elements (each 30 credits). The first is a C++ project the second project is an extension of your Research Skills project and will be an independent project with very limited supervision.

  • The MSc dissertation period starts after the main examinations in May/June.
  • Each MSc student will be supervised by their Research Skills supervisor.
  • Each MSc student must arrange a meeting with their supervisor in late May / early June.
  • Each MSc student is expected to meet their supervisor (to talk about mathematics) at most two more times between June and September.
  • By August 10th each student should submit a draft of their dissertation to their supervisor by e-mail for final comments.

The project should be submitted as follows:

  • The project should be submitted for marking on the 1st Wednesday of September by 1pm.
  • A soft bound copy should be presented to Teaching Support Office.
  • You should upload your project to Canvas for plagiarism.
  • The MSc dissertation will be assessed by your project supervisor, a further examiner and will be overseen by the External Examiner.
  • The final results will be available by the second week of October.
  • The formal award of the MSc degree will be in December.
  • Your dissertation should be approximately 7,000 words and not more than 10,000 words, not including appendices and the bibliography.  All dissertations must be prepared in LaTeX with font size 12 pt.
  • Late submissions will be penalized by deducting 5% for each day or part day the dissertation is  submitted late.

Semester - spring.