Linear Programming

Module Title - Linear Programming
Number of credits - 10

Module description

This module shows that aspects of certain managerial problems such as optimal allocation of resources, transporting goods economically, and assigning workers to jobs can be modelled mathematically and their solutions can be found efficiently by Management Mathematics techniques.

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • understand basic techniques of linear programming (graphical method and simplex method);
  • construct linear programming models of a variety of managerial problems and interpret the results obtained by applying the linear programming techniques to these problems;
  • explain why and when the simplex method fails to provide a solution and how to resolve such a situation;
  • present, prove and use the results of duality theory and interpret them;
  • model some practical optimization problems, including stock control, project
  • scheduling and queuing systems; provide optimal solutions using mathematical techniques.

Teaching and assessment:

  • Assessment: Exam  (90%), Coursework (10%).
  • Semester 1.
  • 22 hours of lectures, 5 hours examples classes