Global Health

Course Type
Postgraduate, Continuing professional development, Module

Global Health
The module enables students to develop a global perspective on public health and recognise the very different public health issues that may be paramount in developing countries in relation to: maternal and child health; nutrition; infection; and health systems. It looks at influences upon health outcomes and health services and particular public health problems as they relate to natural disasters, conflict; refugees, considering the economic and social dimensions of the problem, the influence of gender, religion and culture on health and the roles of various agencies and players in health.

The sessions will take the form of lectures, workshops, and informal discussion, as well as independent learning through the study of reference literature. Students will learn from internal and external expert lecturers who have research and field experience, as well as the other international students in the course, whose wealth of experience will be explored during the course

Learning outcomes
By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a global perspective on public health
  2. Critically analyse and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of public health issues that affect developing countries
  3. Critically analyse major determinants of health and cultural, political and socioeconomic issues affecting public health in developing countries
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the public health consequences of war and/or natural disasters
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how public health problems in developing countries may be tackled  

10 credits

Module Attendance Required
1 block week of teaching

Module Dates

One written assignment of 2500 words applying Global Health to a topic.

Module Coordinators
Dr Suzanne Bartington
Professor Justine Davies
Professor Neil Thomas

Stand alone Course
This module can be taken as a standalone course. It can be assessed or non assessed. To apply, please contact the Programme Coordinator on 0121 414 7577 or at All applications must be received a minimum of one month before the start date of the module. For further information on fees or entry requirements, please contact the Programme Administrator.

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