Laboratory Research Methods 1

Module Overview

You will receive introductory lectures on specific methodologies and then proceed to apply these methods in the laboratory. You will complete 75 hours of laboratory practicals.

Practical sessions, lectures and student based problem solving sessions will cover molecular biology cell culture and biochemical approaches as tools for biological research.

Practicals will include: PCR amplification, gene cloning, protein expression in cultured cells, the study of antigen antibody interactions, tissue culture and cell differentiation assays.

Analytical techniques will include agarose gel electrophoresis western blotting , ELISA and real time PCR analysis of RNA expression.

Fluorescence techniques such as flow cytometry, fluorescence/ confocal microscopy will be covered.


30 credits

Module Attendance Required

5 full days, 9am - 5pm per week for 3 weeks


The module is assessed by MC2 exam.

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

Dr David Sansom
Dr Wendy Leadbeater
Dr Kai Toellner
College of Medical and Dental Sciences