Public Health Management 2

The module will educate students in aspects of management, particularly the ways in which organisations work together and deliver social goals. The module will also cover some specialised issues such as the management of innovation; risk management; the pursuit of excellence. Students will be presented with examples of management activity from various parts of the world and will be expected to work together to come to judgements about the most effective way forward in different circumstances.


10 credits

Module Attendance Required

1 block week

Module Dates

5 - 9 November 2012


A 3,000 work written assignment

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

Dr Alistair Hewison

Dr Jonathan Shapiro


Stand Alone Course

This module can be taken as a stand alone course if required. To apply, please contact contact the Programme Administrator, 0121 414 7577,

Fee if taken as a stand alone course

For further information on fees please contact the Programme Administrator

Entry requirements if taken as a stand alone course

Students must have attended Public Health Management 1