Research Dissertation

Learning outcomes

On completion of the module you will be able to:

  • Conduct an innovative research project from that developed in the formative research proposal
  • Take a leadership role in the undertaking of the research and dissertation within an appropriate time framework and with appropriate consultation with the academic supervisor and other expert advisors
  • Present the conduct and outcome of the research in the form of an article and a presentation to include background and related literature, methodology, results and analysis, discussion and conclusions and recommendations
  • Demonstrate an ability to critically appraise the limitations of the project in consideration of the validity and generalisability of the its findings
  • Provide a clear demonstration within the article and presentation of the strategic feasibility of the implementation of the findings
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate the nature and outcome of the project in an article and presentation that is written and presented to the standard of Master’s level


60 credits

Attendance Required

40 hours

Launch date
2 October 2015


The 2011/12 Home/EU fee is £1551 and the overseas fee is £4110.


Part 1: A 5000 word article to be prepared for a peer-reviewed journal of the student’s choice; the student will supply the instructions for authors at the same time, so that the article may be assessed against these. The suitability of the chosen journal will be incorporated into the assessment. (70% of final mark).

Part 2: Either a 15 minute oral presentation using power point, with 5 minutes for questions Or a poster presentation with 5 minutes for questions (30% of the final mark). In the case of Part 2, the presentation will be assessed by 2 appropriate academic staff, one of which will be the supervisor.

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

Professor Carolyn Hicks