Research Project (MCM In Vivo)

Module Overview

This module will enable you to become highly proficient in a dedicated range of specialised in vivo research techniques via an in depth full time research project in an in vivo laboratory, leding to a substantial piece of research assessed by thesis and oral or poster presentation.


90 credits

Module Attendance Required

Full time attendance (5 days per week), attendance required for vivas of project and course work after formal end of module instruction.

Module Dates

22 weeks in semesters 2 and 3


The main project will be assessed by viva.

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

The programme is organised jointly by two senior academics: Dr TA Lovick, Reader in Neuroscience and Dr S Egginton, Reader in Cardiovascular Physiology, with more than 50 years experience between them in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level students of biomedical science, medicine, dentistry and nursing.

We currently have approximately 140 other members of academic staff actively engaged in in vivo work, including 23 senior staff who contribute to our undergraduate teaching and are thus in an ideal position to extend training to Masters level. Importantly, therefore, training will be offered as an integral part of active research programmes.

Industrial contributions to the course will include AD Instruments, Oxford, UK and Telemetry Research, Auckland, New Zealand. Lectures and visits have been arranged with Astra Zenica, GSK and Pfizer.