Communication Skills module details

Module Title - Communication Skills
Number of credits – 10

Module description

This module will develop oral and written communication skills including planning a research thesis, writing a scientific paper, producing posters, structuring visual aids, making an effective poster/oral presentation, summarising reports, achieving focus, using language effectively, and working towards speaking excellence.  Lectures will discuss how to: correctly structure a scientific paper; make presentations appropriate to the occasion and to the audience; represent data in different forms; and plan a research thesis.

The module will facilitate the development of team and interpersonal skills by participation in activities to encourage team working, and self-appraisal. Participants will be sorted into groups, and the groups will be given the task of researching a topic, preparing a group presentation aimed at a certain audience, and then delivering a short, effective presentation. This will require effective group communication, group organisation, and planning and team management.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Make effective presentations appropriate to the occasion
  • Prepare a scientific paper or report
  • Plan a research thesis
  • Present and interpret research data in different graphical formats
  • Work effectively in a group to achieve a presentation task
  • Understand: the roles of team members; team effectiveness; leadership functions; and team behaviour

Contact time - 100 hours.