Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 

Module Title - Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Number of credits – 10

Module description

The aim of the module is to provide an insight into the critical role materials science (& materials engineering) play in the development of a range of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.  Lectures are given in the following areas: (1) methods of hydrogen production; (2) hydrogen separation; (3) molecular hydrogen storage; (4) solid-state hydrogen storage; and (5) fuel cells. 

You will be given tours of the equipment used for: materials characterisation in hydrogen (School of Metallurgy and Materials); and fuel cell synthesis and testing (School of Chemical Engineering).

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Appreciate and describe the use of functional materials in a range of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and fuel cell technologies;
  • Understand the key materials challenges that need to be overcome, in order for the widespread introduction of hydrogen and fuel cells into the market;
  • Understand the materials fabrication and characterisation techniques required for the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology components; and
  • Describe how the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies studies, might fit into a number of possible hydrogen-energy-based economies.