PhD Studentship: ALTERUMMA - Creating an Alternative umma: Clerical Authority and Religio-political Mobilisation in Transnational Shii Islam

Level of study
Doctoral research
Subject area
Theology and Religion
EU, Overseas (Non-EU), UK
Type of Award
Deadline for applying
Closes 15/06/2019

Award Description

This interdisciplinary project investigates the transformation of Shii Islam in the Middle East and Europe since the 1950s. The project examines the formation of modern Shii communal identities and the role Shii clerical authorities and their transnational networks have played in their religio-political mobilisation.

The PhD student will work on the use of new media such as global satellite channels, based in the Middle East and in Europe, to articulate Shii communal identities in the public arena since 2003. Fluency in Arabic is required and a background in the relevant field of research with knowledge of Persian desirable.

Value of Award

This value of this scholarship is £20,500 which will be paid in monthly instalments. (The successful candidate will need to pay their own fees out of this amount)

How to Apply

To apply please send a covering letter, CV, research proposal and 2 references to:


Professor Oliver Scharbrodt

+44 (0)121 41 43082