Maternal and Child health

Across the globe, a woman dies unnecessarily every 90 seconds in childbirth, leaving more than a million children motherless each year.

Our researchers know they can save lives by working with communities to develop better care plans for new mothers, covering everything from health care and food security to transport. Their research spans disciplines, helping to address and shape health policy and to tackle disease and other causes of poor maternal and child health.

With the aim of reducing preventable infant and childhood mortality rates and to increase public awareness of prevention and treatment of diseases, we are working to prevent unnecessary maternal and childhood mortalities globally and to better understand and provide treatment and therapies for genetic diseases.

Across our disciplines– from Public Health to Chemistry and Computer Science–we work in areas as diverse as formulating effective policies to tackle childhood obesity, to developing new technologies to aid diagnosis of infections in low income countries or to understand and develop therapies and treatments for genetic disorders.

From working on policy recommendations to creating and implementing new diagnostic technologies, our researchers will be pioneering change to address the global priority of protecting maternal and child health and wellbeing.

Projects available under this theme

Applications for 2018 entry are now closed. Projects for 2019 entry will be announced in January 2019.